Nå men hej igen!

Här gor vi igen, hoppas att det blir gott.

The bf decided to take a nap after the gruelling walking excersize, and hinted at me something about making a salad. I found that to be an excellent idea and started by boiling some water. When very very hot I threw in some basmati rice, chicken stock cube from Tarmo (a place I will surely tell you about in a later post, remind me if need be) and some satureja for good measure. When done, I transported it to the balcony to cool down.

The whole rice cooking process was gruelling enough for me to start feeling a bit bad so I figured I’d cheer myself with a drink. Some votka to be found, sure. Soft drinks, juice, anything of that kind? No. Being a handy person in the kitchen I did not become fazed, I put some strawberry jam with the votka, and made some sparkling water to pour on top of that mix, and sure enough, it made for a good cooking helper type of a drink.

Feeling strong enough for the task, I proceeded to mix some Greek yoghurt and some curry sauce to make a dressing.

The pre-cooked chicken (with fresh garlic and some ginger from a jar) was cut into small cubes. The same was done to a number of fresh vegetables, including but not perhaps limited to zuccini, tomato, celery and cucumber.

Some frozen peas were put under some hot water for two seconds and thrown in, as well as the cooled rice from the balcony. The mix was then carefully tested several times and deemed to be fairly delicious but somewhat mild. A Pizza mix spice dispenser was promptly found and ground and ground until it seemed like there is enough. The mix was mixed even more and then the bf was told to expect to have food soon. In the end a whole bunch of iceberg lettuce was torn and thrown on top. The bf was then woken up and the bowl emptied by two happy monkeys. The end result was well worth the effort.


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