I may often be all about salads, but that is by no means my only go-to meal. Another quick and easy, use any leftovers you have, put in as much cheese as you like favourite is of course an omelette. Or, frittata, more like it.

I’ve never been a fan of the French style. Or, more to the point, it makes absolutely no sense to me 🙂 To make an omelette, put toppings on top and fold it over to hide the toppings, hmm, no. The folding/hiding makes some sense in that it shows the hopefully beutifully browned underside of the omelette. That’s about all I can say for that approach. Let us say I were to make a fairly classic ham, mushroom and onion omelette, right? The ham, let us suppose, is already cooked and smoked to perfection, but the onions and mushrooms are fresh. Now who wants to have oh so strong, tangy and crunchy raw onion inside their soft and perfect on the outside omelette? Not me, that’s for sure. So first, you fry the onion and the mushrooms and set aside on a plate. Then you take a bowl to whisk the eggs and put them on the frying pan, make an omelette, put in the ham, onions and mushroom, fold over, and voila! Now you have a meal that looks like it’s only made of eggs, and a ton of unnecessary dirty dishes.

Now my style, which I’m sure the Italians would not approve of, makes so much more sense, even if I say so. To make a me-style frittata with ham, mushroom and onion, you need to chop the ingredients, fry them in a pan, add liquids and spices to the mix, then break in some eggs, mix as much or as little as you like, add some cheese on top and throw it in the oven for 5-10 minutes and voila! It is I guess pretty much the opposite of the French style: toppings are more like bottomings, eggs are put in last, everything is on the show and if any part gets nicely brown it will be the top, not the bottom. I do believe I published a photo of a frittata that was nicely browned on top in the oven 🙂 This style also allows me to make anything from a thin and simple frittata for one not so hungry hungry person to a thick, substantial lunch or dinner for at least 3 people. Maybe more, I’ve yet to try 🙂
And now for some pictures:

asparagus time!

Here we have an example of a simple, two eggs and three sprigs of asparagus kind of an evening snack. I did add one third of a smallish onion and 6-8 thin strips of ham in there, and a little bit of blue stilton and pecorino romano are also somewhere in there to give it some nice saltiness and flavour 🙂 Some milk too, and a tiny splash of apple juice. Black pepper on top, of course.
lunch time, no asparagus left

And here is today’s lunch, a more substantial meal with three eggs, a lot more than 6 bits of ham, some onion and quite a lot of red bell pepper. For some greenness I found a blob of frozen spinach and half a handful of frozen peas in the freezer. For spice I only used some pizza mix, my current goes-with-everything favourite spice. Used some milk and apple juice again for liquid, and put slices of pecorino romano on top, and it was ready to go into the oven 🙂 Isn’t it beautiful? Even though it did break apart a bit when I put it on the plate 🙂
pizza mix that I’ve so far managed to put on everything but pizza


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