pea sproutsss

Lunch of the day: Tuna and quinoa salad

including but not perhaps limited to
mini tomatoes
finely chopped green olives
iceberg lettuce

with some store bought dressing and some home made mayonnaise, thinned out and sweetened with fruit juice
decorated with home-grown pea sprouts 🙂

So it may be snowing outside but spring is on my plate already 🙂

The photo is, once again, a massive lie, of course. Made a portion that fits the plate, took a photo, ate some to make room and added the rest of the ingredients 🙂
But after this rather massive lunch I do believe it is possible to go to the supermarket today. All of the veggies in this salad are more or less leftovers from last weekend’s festivities. There was almost no need to go to the market all week since there was still food in the fridge. Now I’m done with the lettuce, tomatoes, and zucchini, and in the process of eating the fresh veggies all week we’ve also run out of quinoa and tuna for example 🙂
So if the weather is not too horrible then maybe a little evening walk towards the shops and markets is in order.
Righ now…

…it is lightly snowing…

…with some sun and blue skies too!


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