Tonight I decided to treat myself to food platter of various things plus some inexpensive Spanish wine.
It took me quite a while to go get the wine etc. so by the time I started to assemble the platter I was already a bit hungry so at least this first version of it lacks some of the planned items, but it still looks kinda nice, doesn’t it?
And, it was an enjoyable combination of different tastes and textures.
I simply pulled out a bunch of stuff from the fridge and chopped them if necessary and tried to make the end result look nice and photo worthy 🙂

It includes at least the following:
iceberg lettuce
celery leaves
goat cheese
ham and freshly ground black pepper
green olives
cornichons (small pickled cucumbers)
red bell pepper
slightly spicy chick peas (chili sauce and smoked paprika, poppy seeds etc.)
cashew nuts
roasted dry onion
home made mayo

Can you spot them all in the picture?
I also planned to make garlicky croutons or bread sticks, and maybe roast some sunflower seeds, and there were other food stuffs available that were left out of this version, due to lack of space and growing hunger and appetite.
Considering the light veggie soup I had for lunch today it is entirely possible I will make another Friday night platter as the night progresses 🙂
We shall see, now I will relax with my wine and Denzel 🙂
Stay tuned!


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