OK, the previous post was about getting past the technical difficulties. I shall try to make the second post of anything but. Let’s kick off with some photos.

This pic is related to the earlier pie thing, since there was leftover rye and oat pie dough the next day. What is pictured, is meat nuggets and broccoli, with pie crust wrapped over on some of them. Not bad, better than to throw it away most def. I don’t like store bought chicken nuggets very much, so I’ve taken to making my own and that is very much more to my liking. When minced meat was on sale, I got that, and then brainstormed about what to make of it and here you see the result. Meat nuggets. Meat nuggets are basically the same as meat balls, just shaped differently and rolled in panko and sesame seeds or some such. Not bad, not at all. I do prefer chicken made this way thou. As to why, I find chicken easier to take on various spices. Perhaps I just like chicken so there’s that.

Moving on.

And then we have these. Sometimes it’s great to have bread rolls with your foood, and the stores sell good such things on most days, but the days can be slippery and the persons can be not wanting to go out, so then a favourite bread roll recipe is made into 1/4. Surprisingly, it was not what it was supposed to be, the dough. A calculation error perhaps. Too dense a ball, when the recipe calls for a porridge like consistency.

Oh well thinks me, let’s just add water. Problem soon arises, the ball is not vater soluble and is totally unwilling to form a porridge-like consistency. Leave it to me to try to figure things out, so I try and try to mix it… eventually realizing there might have been too much water added. NO worrries, since the dude had put a bit-more-than-the-recipe-calls-for amount of yeast. I just added a bit of chia seeds and flour into the mix, and let it be. Lo and behold it had good and lifted up and arisen consistency after two hours. The end result was unusually shaped but great crispy on the outside soft in the middle buns/bread rolls/semlor/sämpylät. I’m not good at baking, but this makes me feel a bit good, and that’s important. Best to keep on trying cause I like these and I want more 😀

Tässä lopputulos, simppeli mutta ei niin simppeli, mutta hyvä lounas. “Beans on toast” tai siis mehevä mustasilmäpapuja-ja-kolmea-sipulia-paistettu-ankanrasvassa hässäkkä, omenaista salaattia ja vahingossa onnistunutta sämpylää.


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