Hyvää sunnuntaita kaikelle suurelle lukijajoukolleni!
I’ve been told that some of you are very international so here comes my first foreign language recipe:


Take some onion, garlic and celery because.
Slice and dice, put into a frying pan with some jamieoliver, also known as olive oil. Let it fry or simmer or so, while doing the following:

Proceed to scour the fridge and the balcony for whatever leftovers there might be.
Find some not so tasty lamb merquez type sausage, some ginger chicken, some corn, some quinoa. Cut them to less than bite size pieces and throw into the mix. Scour the fridge again in the hopes of finding some leftover cheese. Find half a dozen bits and pieces of veery nice cheeses, choose whatever you want, in this case there seemed to be just the right amount of full-flavoured chili cheese. Cut into pieces and finely set them over the already almost full pan of ingredients. Find some leftover yoghurt based garlicky chilly dip, add a bit of water and enough eggs, mix and throw in. Ground some black pepper on top, get overly exited about freshly ground black pepper and mix everything well, while forgetting the carefully placed cheeses. Be nonetheless very pleased with yourself and pour a glass of wine. Put the thingy in the oven for about 10 or so minutes. Try to remember to take photos, knowing full well it is next to impossible to add them here. Make a very happy bf 🙂

Leave something to do for the bf, so point to the plate full of yesterday’s chips/crisps, and tell him to get involved by crunching them on top of the delicious frittata.


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